Classes are fun, easy to follow and educational

Dandy development is the multi award winning baby and toddler class that combines baby sign, music and sensory fun. Established for over 10 years, Dandy develops language and communication skills, listening skills, social and emotional skills, confidence and co-ordination and stimulate the senses and imagination.

Dandy is spilt into three stages so that learning is specifically tailored to development and needs. Dandy’s carefully structured routine builds confidence and little ones very quickly learn what is going to happen and that they should expect fun! Each class is different and every class is a new learning experience. Throughout the classes, baby sign is woven into the fun so that parents and carers can use it straight away at home to reduce frustration and open channels of communication early.  Parents also learn simple speech and language therapy techniques that successfully boost early communication skills and encourage early speech.

Small class sizes mean that little ones are know by name and that their individual personalities are appreciated.  Little ones build a beautiful relationship with both DandyLion and Nikki which is impossible in other classes where numbers are so large.

"These classes offer such a wonderful variety of sensory experiences for little ones, the children are all thoroughly engaged and Nikki just oozes enthusiasm to which the children readily respond. "

- Vicky -

"Dandy is the best baby class I have been to. Is has a bit of everything, sensory, signing and music! My son absolutely loves Dandy and gets excited every time I play the Dandy cd at home. "

- Lucy -

"I can't recommend these classes enough - they are educational and fun for little ones and parents too! They are also a great confidence-builder for little ones, thanks to Nikki's enthusiasm and approachability. "

- Jo -