An exciting, brand NEW edition to Dandy! Classes specifically designed for babies from approximately six weeks to six months. A simple and easy to follow curriculum of baby sign is combined with carefully selected educational resources, stimulating sensory resources, gentle action and movement games, simple massage techniques, unique handmade streamer canopies, books, light shows, instruments and so much more! Dandinos is a calm, friendly and welcoming place to relax, meet new people, make friends and bond with your little one. The whole emphasis is on providing top quality opportunities for you and your little one to connect, share eye contact, enjoy gentle touch and smile and laugh together.

Stage 1

Dandy’s Stage 1 is for little ones approximately 6 months to walking.  We play with the best educational toys to learn simple speech and language therapy techniques that will influence and encourage early communication skills and speech. On top of this, Dandy teaches parents simple baby signs that can be used straight away to reduce frustration and open channels of communication early.  At the heart of Dandy Stage 1 though is fun! Each class is different with a wide range of sensory experiences, including water play, giant balloons, parachutes, puppet shows and gentle messy play so that all five sense are engaged and huge amounts of learning take place.

Stage 2

Stage 2 is specifically designed to engage and excite toddlers from walking to approximately two and a half years. Classes fuel the imagination, using props, role play, sensory themes, dressing up and being active. Little ones join in with games, movement and are encouraged to explore a wide range of textures and toys. Toddlers’ confidence grows dramatically and after a couple of classes, even the quietest of little ones is up to see what is going to come out of Dandy’s bag! Signs are interest lead and include vehicles, colours and animals.

"These classes offer such a wonderful variety of sensory experiences for little ones, the children are all thoroughly engaged and Nikki just oozes enthusiasm to which the children readily respond. "

- Vicky -

"Dandy is the best baby class I have been to. Is has a bit of everything, sensory, signing and music! My son absolutely loves Dandy and gets excited every time I play the Dandy cd at home. "

- Lucy -

"I can't recommend these classes enough - they are educational and fun for little ones and parents too! They are also a great confidence-builder for little ones, thanks to Nikki's enthusiasm and approachability. "

- Jo -